Jo Steele

Jo Steele - Roaster/Owner

Committed, full time coffee roaster. When not roasting, runs front of house. Part time barista. Bagging and deliveries.


Finds getting out of bed on market mornings difficult. Hard to track down at market. Most often found at neighbouring Candy Floss stand. Chatty, customer repartee her forte. Coffee runner. Junior bag stamper.


Chief bag stamper, part time market assistant, some time supplier of market tunes. Getting to grips with shifting heavy coffee gear in and out of vehicles and trailers.


2nd in charge when not shooting birds. General carter and honorary member of market gentleman's club. Supplier of much good will and love. Would like a pay rise.


In charge of paperwork and admin. Efficiently keeps the IRD happy.


Part time delivery and bagging. Good at multi tasking and has an excellent all round attitude at short notice.
Volcanic Coffee Caravan


The Volcanic Coffee caravan is a favourite. We serve fresh, fabulous espresso at some events. Get in touch, if you're keen. We'd love to be at your special event.